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For anyone with general health/beauty problems, I subscribe to the whole "your colon and the rest of your organs need to be clean" hype. I even bought the Dual Action Cleanse for 40 or 50 bucks at CVS (the one that has a stupid infomercial on tv every single night at like 3am). That was one of the many cleansing methods I tried, but I always go back to this two-part cleanse made by Nature's Secret:

I usually buy it at Whole Foods for 27 bucks, but evidenced by that link, I guess you can get it online for even cheaper. Anyway, those two bottles not only keep me "regular" (sorry!), which contributes to better skin, less bloat, more hotness, etc., but they're just good for your health in general. I have more energy when I take them consistently, and I feel like I absorb vitamins and minerals better 'cus I'm all cleaned out and stuff (again, sorry!). I swear, when I took this cleanse consistently for 3 months, my skin was glowing and I'd lost a few lbs- all due to being "regular", and having some pristine organs!

Obviously, like any other supplements, you should talk to your doc first. I'm an herb enthusiast, so I did see a Naturopath as well as a regular doc, and these have had no bad effects on me. One bottle containts herbs that help clean your colon out regularly without the risky/yucky side effects of laxatives, and the other bottle contains herbs that keep your liver and other organs clean and functioning.

2. Next, although the cleanse helps, I took it for granted, and took a two month break from it out of laziness, and being head over heels in love/drama. And now I'm breaking out all over my back and chest. I've tried nearly EVERY topical (which helped minimally). But I also started my cleanse again, and am taking a sh/tload of supplements (all my multis, zinc, b5, some hebrs for hormone regulation since the pill doesn't like me), and although It's improving, i'm still breaking out because when you clean yourself out from the inside, it takes a month to show on the outside sometimes. On top of that, My skin is uber dry from winter and or/stress, so I'm using zinc oxide, desitin baby rash stuff, calendula ointment, and a humidifer. Oh, and fish oil, flaxseed oil, and lots of h20 too. Any other suggestions to speed up the process, dry skinned girls with bacne?

3. FINALLY, for sale. Unopened BRAND NEW Retin- A Micro .04%. I've been using this for years (for acne- although, it's good for wrinkles and general skin health and really HAS helped scarring on my face tremendously), but recently wanted to give my skin a break since it's so dry from the winter, and I have an abundance of Retin- A stashed already. So if anyone is interested in buying it for $25 (this includes s&h costs), let me know! I'm pretty sure this stuff usually runs around $45-$50. This, without a doubt, helped my acne, but even more (since I help to prevent acne with cleanses) made my scarring so much better.

THANKS gals and boys.

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